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This beautiful Japanese princess is dressing up for a national holiday parade. Please help her pick out the perfect Kazumi and accessories. Have fun!
She’s the hip version of a cat lady, so you know she digs animal-print fabrics. Meow! How to Play Do you have the imagination to fix a fabulous outfit for Cat Girl? Of course you do—put your fashion skills to work in this kittielicious dress-up game. Select the categories at the top of the screen to chooseher skirt, shoes, and accessories. Don’t forget to pick out some cool kitty ears and a tail for her.
Spring is in the air—which means you need to spring clean your wardrobe! How to Play Uh oh, this girl is running late for her date. She’s only got a few minutes to meet her boyfriend in the park. Can you design a super cute look for her? Help her pick out an awesome outfit in this fun dress-up game. Click the items on the left-hand side of the screen. You can choose from all sorts of dresses, tops, hairstyles, and accessories. When you’re happy, click Show to see the sparkling result.
Easter is just around the corner. That means it’s time for bunnies, candy, and spring fashion! How to Play This cutie wants to look awesome for Easter. Pick out the perfect outfit—select her dress, hairdo, and shoes. Just don’t forget the Easter basket! When you’re all done, click Show to see how she looks in her new duds.
Fashion is tops, even all the way up at the North Pole. How to Play The Snowflake Princess is getting ready for the Winter Ball but she’s feeling totally uninspired this year. Dish-up some awesome fashion tips for her in this dress-up game. Be sure to hit Show when you’re all done.
When you wish upon a love, you may get a…new makeover! How to Play Everyone wants someone to love, and everyone wants to look great. Now these two important things are combined in one cool game. Click through the dress-up options to find the perfect hairstyle, shoes, clothes, and accessories—just remember when you really wish hard enough, things can come true!
This pretty princess knows her colors: pastel pink, bright magenta, and baby blue. How to Play Time for a pink dress-up party! Pick dresses, heels, hair, and even accessories like bows and bracelets for the princess. You can see by her wardrobe that her favorite color is pink—but she’s willing to branch out just a bit and try a few blues, purples, and yellows. Save a snapshot of your stylish work when you’re done!
The first date is always a fashionable affair! How to Play This cutie’s got a first date with her crush tonight…that means it’s makeover time. Pick her outfit, from make-up to jewels. Make her absolutely radiant, so she’s truly dressed to impress!
Get some glamor into this girl’s life—it’s urgent! How to Play Click through the hair, make-up, and dress-up options so it’s bye-bye plain Jane, and hello glam Sam.
Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You’ll be sayin’ “Aloha” in no time! How to Play Shop till you drop and complete cool challenges for fun! Don’t forget your Lady Card!
Be this busy businesswoman’s beauty coach! How to Play Use the arrows to browse the businesswoman’s clothing and accessory options. Click most items to try them on, but apply make-up directly to her face. Hit Done when the career girl looks
Lady Gaga would be lucky to have you as her makeover consultant! How to Play Click through the makeover tabs on the right side of the screen to view all the available options, then click an option to apply it to Lady Gaga. Click Finish when you’re satisfied with her makeover.
Oceans of accessories are at your fingertips… How to Play Ready for a game of under-the-sea dress up? Pick mermaid hair, make-up, and seashell accessories for this intriguing underwater maiden.
If only every oyster had such pretty pearls inside… How to Play Browse the accessory, hair, and clothing options to primp this pretty gal to perfection—don’t forget the pearls!
Bathe this brooding babe in black. How to Play Browse the hair, make-up, clothing, and accessory options to turn this sweet girl into an emo-glam goddess. Make sure to check out the before and after pics!