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You are playing Spa Salon Pool Party...

Spa Salon Pool Party
You get to make a new friend in this game, a very cute girl who is in fact very goodfriends with Elsa who we all know because she is the Frozen queen. But today, in this game is not about Elsa but about her friend who needs all of our help because today she has a date with her crush, a very friendly and nice boy and she is not ready for a day at the pool at all. So she goes to the spa where she knows that you kids can give her a makeover. So in this spa your task is to take care of her face, her pimples and her eyebrows which need to be plucked , and them you can help her with the hair on her legs and finally you can choose the swimsuit for her and she is ready for the date. She is with her friend Elsa who wanted to join them and she needs your help to kiss with her crush because she doesn't want Elsa to see them, so she would not feel left out.

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