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Royal Wedding Ceremony
We all know that Elsa, the beautiful Disney queen from Frozen and Jack Frost, one of the Guardians of children everywhere, are very much in love because they have a lot of things in common and they can not wait for you to come and try out this game because it is a very important moment of their lives and they want to have you kids by their side, because here you can really make the best friends. As you can see Jack Frost and Elsa are getting married and they want the royal wedding to be perfect and the truth is that everything is already prepared and ready for the big day, the only thing Elsa still needs help with is her outfit, and it has to be just perfect, after all they are one of the most popular Disney couples and the wedding has to be magical. You can choose the perfect wedding dress for your good friend, the jewels and of course the beautiful bouquet.

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