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You Lost Weight
Come dear kids and check out this brand new game right ehre on our site in which, as you can see, you get to play with a beautiful girl who is really happy to be here and she is sure you are going to have the best time ever together, but of course that is because she is super friendly and nice and she just can't wait for you to have an amazing time together so we hope you will be curious to come and try out this game because it is really worth it. This is a super fun game in which the main character, the nice girl we were talking about, lost a lot of weight and she is here because she needs a makeover, she wants to show everybody how good sshe feels now so you can do her make up but it should be a light make up because she is at the gym and you can also do her hair and of course dress her up in a fashionable gym outfit, she is sure you can help her out.

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